Do you have a question about something you saw in a video replay?  Are you curious to know more about me, or what I do in my classroom?  Or maybe, you have a burning question about one of your students...  I am here to help!  If I don't have the answer, we can work together to find someone who may.  Leave your questions for me here.


  1. I am struggling with the order of words to teach. Is it best to teach a word and when introducing a new word have the already taught word in the text with the new word? Like: THE dog and then the next word SEE SEE the dog? and continue to build their sight word vocabulary through this type of repetition?

  2. Hello! Thank you for asking such a great question.
    I have found that repetition is key to mastery. I first introduce a word in isolation, using the tactile lesson shared in this blog post.
    Then I make sure I give the students practice in context - maybe with a text that is rich in that word, or with sentences where they can fill in the blank and re-read back. I also add the word to the word wall, and students will add it to their sight word dictionary.
    Moving on from there, I make sure to recycle words frequently - like you said moving from "THE dog ran" to "SEE the dog run" is a great way to keep exposing students to previously learned words.
    Additionally, playing games with sight words that are close to mastery is a FUN way to get in some incremental/repetitive exposure without tiring the students out. This blog post outlines 10 ways to "play" with sight words during centers. My favorite is #4, Road Race!

    I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, please reach out again! :-)


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